3 Tips to Sell Your Home in Wintertime

Need to sell your home this winter? Here are three tips to help buyers get a great impression.

Tip 1: Keep your driveway, walkway and front steps clear of ice and snow.

Make sure there is a clear and safe path to the front door. This ensures that your home continues to look inviting. By keeping snow and ice out of the way, you are saying “come on in!

If your home is not occupied, be sure to arrange with someone to clear the snow and ice each time there is any accumulation. A neighbor might be willing to clear your home when they do their own. There are also many services that will come automatically based on the criteria you provide.

Tip 2:  Have a place at the front door for people to dry or take off their shoes.

No one want to track snow and ice into your home! Be sure there is a place just outside or just inside the front door to take off shoes and boots.

A waterproof boot tray works well! Also consider adding a small bench so people can sit to remove and put on their shoes.

Tip 3: Keep your house a warm temperature.

Make sure your house is an inviting temperature. Have you ever been to a restaurant or another place that you left just because it was cold? You don’t want people rushing their walk through your home!

If you have your thermostat set to lower the temperature at times when you are not home, suspend the setting. If the home is not occupied, program the thermostat to a comfortable temperature for the hours it is most likely to be shown.

These three tips will help you to sell your home this winter. They signal to potential buyers that you care about their experience in your home, even when the weather outside is not ideal. Take care to give them safe and warm access and you just might be on the way to a sale!