5 Easy Spring Decorating Ideas

5 Easy Spring Decorating Ideas

Mother Nature is doing her part to bring on spring. We’re getting more sun and longer days. Around Reston, there are also plenty of trees and flowers with showy color.

Bring spring into your home, too! Here are five easy spring decorating ideas to try:

Decorate with Flowers

Flowers in pots and vases really brighten up a space. You can cut forsythia, daffodils and tulips from the yard and show them off in a pretty vase. Or, buy colorful flowers from the store or garden center.

Consider buying flowering bulbs like hyacinth, daffodils or tulips in pots to enjoy inside this year. After this year’s blooms have faded, you can plant the bulbs outside for many more years of enjoyment.

Paint with a Fresh Color

Freshen up one or more rooms in your home with a fresh paint color. Check out the array of swatches at the local home improvement store. Online, check out Sherwin Williams’ colors for spring. Find colors that inspire you!

With warmer temps you can paint with the windows open, reducing any indoor odor and helping everything to dry more quickly.

Add a Seasonal Wreath

Be creative with a seasonal wreath for your entryway. This is the time of year of colorful flowers, colored eggs, bunnies and chicks. Find a premade wreath with these spring themes or make your own!

Get Creative with Baskets

Baskets are not just for Easter goodies! Baskets come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They can add some interesting dimension to your indoor décor.

Add all sorts of things to make baskets the perfect decorative touch. Play with colors and textures.

  • Natural items like pine cones and smooth stones
  • Flowers
  • Easter eggs or candies
  • Potpourri
  • Vase filler

The possibilities are endless!

Change Curtains and Linens

Bring in spring with new curtains or bed coverings. New colors and patterns can make your room look completely refreshed. Bright and light colors will make your home look like spring has arrived!