Help avoid delays when closing on your home with a little preparation.
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Avoid Delays When Closing on Your Home

Closing on your home can be an exciting time, but delays in the process can sometimes happen. Help avoid delays when closing on your home with a little preparation.

Understand the Timeline

You may be anxiously waiting to finalize your home purchase, but home closings can sometimes take one to two months to complete depending on paperwork, lending and inspections, or to complete repairs that are needed. Speak with your real estate agent so you can work together to set a realistic expectation for the closing date on your home.

Be Ready for the Paperwork

From financing to the actual closing documents, there is a lot of paperwork involved when closing on a home. Your real estate agent can guide you through the process, and Long & Foster Settlement Services also offers partners that will work with you, your real estate agent, and your lender to help make your home closing efficient and smooth.

Also, buyers and sellers should be aware of all fees associated with the home closing. Closing costs may include the home appraisal, the lender’s inspection fee, attorney’s fee, recording fee, and the termite inspection fee. Both buyers and sellers should speak with their real estate agent to see which party is responsible for paying which fee.

Identify Any Issues

For buyers, home property inspections and pest and termite inspections can identify any issues with your new home before you finalize your purchase. A property inspection can also provide more insight as to whether you need more specialized inspections, such as mold or well and septic inspections.

Another item to ask about is if there are any outstanding homeowners association violations with your new home. You don’t want to inherit any issues or fees connected to these violations, so they will also need to be addressed before closing.

Working with The O’Gorman Team

The O’Gorman Team works with you through each step of the process to help you avoid delays when closing on your home. With our knowledge and years of experience in the Reston real estate market, we’re here to help you close on time so you can start packing for your move.