Be prepared for an emergency

Be Prepared for an Emergency

As a homeowner, you know how to plan to prepare your home for the change of seasons to prevent any damage. Do you have a plan in place so that you and your family are prepared for an emergency?

September is National Preparedness Month. Being prepared for an emergency is extremely important, so take time this month to create an emergency plan for you and your family.

Make Your Emergency Plan

  • Take all the members of your household and their needs into consideration when you create your emergency plan. Do you have children, elderly individuals, or pets living with you? Do they have any dietary or medical needs?
  • Make plans for what to do if an emergency takes place while you are home, or while you are away (i.e., at work or school). For example, a home fire escape plan would include a meet-up location once you are out of your house. However, if an emergency situation happens when you are not at home, a plan is needed to let family members know what to do and where to meet.

Already have an emergency plan in place? Review it with your family so that it is fresh in everyone’s mind and update any information, such as phone numbers, as needed.

Think About Technology

Prepare your technology and mobile devices so you can stay in communication and get updates during an emergency. Keep in mind that you need to also have a plan in place in case communication or power systems are down.

  • Sign up for alerts. On a local level, Fairfax County has an alert sign up that allows you to customize the alerts you receive (weather, public safety, traffic, etc.) and how you receive them (text, email, etc.)
  • Have charging options for phones and other devices.
  • Make a physical list of phone numbers in case you aren’t able to access your mobile phone.

Other Items to Remember

Being prepared for an emergency can make a big difference. An emergency plan will help you and your family know what to do, where to meet, and how to communicate with each other.