family moving into a home

Choosing the Right Home for You

Buying a home is a big investment as well as a deeply personal choice. Choosing a home that is right for your current and future needs is an important decision.

There are many questions and factors to take into consideration. What type of home do you want, how much space do you need, and what features or amenities would you like are just a few questions to keep in mind when beginning your home search.

Home Building or Structure Types

There are several different options of residential home types. Below are a few to help you start collecting your thoughts in determining what is right for you.

Single-Family Detached

A single-family detached home is a home that is on its own property and is meant for a single family. It does not share any exterior walls with any other home structure. A single-family detached home can offer the owner more privacy than other types of homes.


A townhouse is a multi-level, single-family home that shares one or two side walls with other townhouses in the row. Your living space is vertical, meaning your space can go up three or four floors. While townhomes do not offer the same level of privacy as a single-family detached home, they often include a garage and a small yard depending on its location.


Condominiums, or condos, are similar to apartments in that they are usually individual units in a single building structure. However, there are different structures for condominiums, too. There are detached condos, high-rise condos, and two-over-two, stacked, or townhouse-style condos. Condos can offer more maintenance-free living much like an apartment, but you own the unit instead of rent. They can also offer shared spaces like a pool or a common room.