Getting Your Home Ready for Guests
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Getting Your Home Ready for Guests

Here are a few things to keep in mind when getting your home ready for guests. The holiday season is a time when we may have family and friends come for a visit, or we travel to see them. It’s a time for fun and to be together with the ones we love.

If you are having guests stay with you this holiday season, or really at any time, make your space functional and inviting for them.

Choose A Guest Space

Think about which area of your home would be the best space to accommodate your guests. Whether it is a guest room or a convertible sofa or air mattress in a home office or living room, have a place where your guests can relax, have some privacy, and be comfortable during their visit.

Clean and Declutter

Give your home a quick assessment to see which areas need to be cleaned, freshened, and decluttered before your guests arrive. A few areas to have on your list:

  • Bathrooms: Make your bathroom sparkle with a good cleaning. Also, if your guests will be sharing a bathroom with family members, be certain to make space for their toiletries and towels.
  • Kitchen: Wipe down countertops, the backsplash, the stovetop, and appliances. Clear any clutter that doesn’t belong in the kitchen, too, such as mail or homework.
  • Closets: Have space in a hall closet or on the coat rack for extra coats. Also, make some room in closets or in drawers for guests to place their clothes.

Make Their Stay Comfortable

Be certain to take the comfort of your guests into consideration even if they are only staying for a few days. Some things to think about for your guests:

  • Get plugged in. Provide guests with information on how to access your household wireless network and have an electrical cord or outlet strip for guests to be able to plug in their phones or other electrical devices.
  • Have extra items on hand. Toiletries such as a toothbrush, tube of toothpaste, or bottle of shampoo can make life easier if someone forgets to pack them. Don’t forget to have extra towels in the bathroom, too.
  • Add night lights if possible. Your guests aren’t as familiar with your surroundings, so help keep them safe and direct them the right way through the dark to bathrooms, through hallways, and on stairs.

Prep Your Home with a Little Maintenance

Having a heat or water issue is not ideal when you have guests. Take care of some easy home maintenance tasks before your guests arrive and be prepared in order to avoid any issues and keep visits stress free.

  • Check your furnace filters or schedule a maintenance checkup for your home’s heating and cooling system.
  • Turn off outside water faucets to help keep pipes from freezing.
  • Have a snow shovel or broom handy to clear steps, walkways, and driveways in case it snows.
  • Be prepared. Do a little research and have contact information for a plumber, HVAC company, etc., in your area that will be open during the holidays or provides emergency service hours in case you need them.

Have a great visit with your friends and family, and we hope you have a safe and joyous holiday season!