Protect your real estate investment by giving your home a little love

Give your home a little love!

February is the month of showing love. Why not give your home a little love, too?

Protect your real estate investment with these simple ideas

  • Add some flowers or plants. Fresh flowers and plants bring life into a home. Event when most outdoor plants are dormant, indoor plants add color.
  • Get seasonal with your throws and pillows. A great and inexpensive way to celebrate the seasons is to change out the throws and pillows on couches and chairs.
  • Frame some photos.So many of us have digital pictures. We forget to print out recent pictures. Print and frame some of your favorites. Your family and friends will feel close at hand!
  • Get crafty. Add some personal touches to your home with your own crafts. You can make art for the walls, coasters for tables, shelf fillers with found objects, and so much more.
  • Try new touches of color. Refresh a room by adding a new color with pillows or throws, a new lampshade, or an area rug. Consider painting the walls a new shade.
  • Update cabinet handles. Swap out your kitchen cabinet handles and get a whole new look!
  • Light it up. Add a new lamp to a side table or entry way. Lighting can make a huge difference in how an area looks. If you are feeling ambitious, replace your current entry, dining room or bedroom light fixture for a whole new look.

Get the most from your real estate investment

Putting some love and effort into your home can really help you get the best value when it is time to sell. If you are thinking of selling your home in the next year, take a look at our online seller’s guide for more tips.

We’d love to come by and give you more ideas. Often, simple touches can make a home attractive to buyers. Contact us today!