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If You Could Change One Thing About Your Home

Most of us have been spent more time than usual at home, thanks to COVID-19. Has that led you to identify something you’d like to change about your home? You are not alone.

Here are some common changes that homeowners often tell us they’d like to change. We hope these ideas will help you to fix the one thing you’d like to change about your home!

Updated Décor

Are you tired of your décor? A fresh coat of paint can do wonders. Home colors actually trend along with other interior design elements. Take a trip to your favorite paint store. The featured colors may be just the touch you need to make things fresh.

Some new throw pillows can also make a big change for a small budget. Updating patterns and colors can make a room feel completely different.

More Space

Does your home seem short on space? You might be able to find some additional elbow room simply by decluttering. Removing some pieces of furniture and getting things put away can open up your space.

Consider whether a room can be repurposed to meet your current needs. Do you use that formal dining room or would that space be more effective as an office?

Of course, you may have truly outgrown your space. In that case, it may be time to look for a larger home.

Inviting Landscape

Most plants seem to thrive here in Reston! That landscape that was perfect a few years ago may seem overgrown now. Most well-established trees and shrubs do well with a good pruning. Consult your favorite nursery resource for tips on how to best maintain your specific plants.

Adding perennial flowers can also give your yard a whole new look. There are so many colors and shapes available for both shade and sun. The great things about perennials is that you can change up the look each year!

So Many Things

There may be other things you’d like to improve in your home. Do some internet research for inspiration. Pinterest and Instagram are great places to get ideas and solutions.

We all have things we’d like to change about our homes over time. Take time to make updates that keep it feeling just right.

If you decide that there are too many things that aren’t working or that your home is just not the right size for you anymore, let’s talk. We are here to help you explore the many real estate options out there!