prepare your home for summer

Prepare Your Home for Summer

Summer will be here in the blink of an eye. Are you ready for the warmer temperatures? Now is the time to prepare your home for summer.

Home Maintenance

Take time to schedule or perform maintenance on your home to ensure everything is in good working order for the warmer weather.

Outdoor Living

Preparing your home for summer is not only about maintenance. It’s about getting your home ready for summer fun and activities, too.

  • Spruce up your flowerbeds with new mulch and plants if needed.
  • Give your grill, outdoor furniture, patio, or deck a good cleaning.
  • Check outdoor lighting and replace any bulbs if needed.

Be sure to check with your HOA for any guidelines or approvals needed before doing any work to your home’s exterior.

Indoor Savings

As summer progresses, the temperature may also climb. Help keep your home cool — and your energy bills down — by using some of the following energy saving tips:

  • Adjust the temperature on your thermostat so that your home is slightly warmer while you are away.
  • Keep indoor lights turned off in the daytime and use natural light when it is convenient and possible for you.
  • Use window coverings to help beat the heat. Blinds on windows can help reduce heat while still allowing some light to enter. Closing drapes on windows that receive direct sunlight can also reduce and block heat.

Prepare your home for summer now so that you are able to sit back, relax, and enjoy your summer days and evenings!