Sellers Guide

Selling a home in Reston or Northern Virginia can become a necessary change, whether it’s for something bigger, downsizing, a job or a family change.  Once the decision to sell your home, the next step is selecting a real estate agent or team to partner with for your transaction.

You’ve come to the right place! Having Boofie & Margaret by your side as you sell your home can streamline the process for you and take away as much stress as possible!

We have been the top Realtors in Reston for over 20 years! There are countless factors that go into a successful sale and we know how to balance and navigate those factors better than anyone. We have the skills and experience to help you strategize your sale to best accomplish your goals.

How will I know how to price my house?

These days, there is abundant information on pricing. While a website may be able to show you a potential value, that site doesn’t take into consideration all the things Boofie & Margaret will.

  • What are the trends in the market?
  • How is inventory?
  • What updates have or have not been done in your house?
  • When will you list?

All these factors weigh on the recommendation Boofie & Margaret will make for your list price. They will also help you understand how buyers strategize their offers and what that will mean for you.

What do I have to do to get ready?

Boofie & Margaret will meet with you in your home to walk through and make recommendations to prepare your home for sale. Very few, if any, of us live in our homes on a daily basis in the same way a home is best represented for sale.

We can help you determine if any repairs or updates are needed and help you find trusted contractors to do the work We know trusted decorators and designers who can assist with furniture placement, paint selections and a number of other decisions, if needed.

Once we receive a contract, what comes next?

Boofie & Margaret will go over the contract with you and be sure you understand the terms. Should a negotiation be necessary, we will help you decide how to respond and what, if anything, to change.

Once all changes are accepted, we will guide you through the transaction. No two transactions are the same, but we are ready to help you navigate any hurdles along the way. We’ve gotten through almost everything, so we can help you when the unexpected happens.

We will stay on top of deadlines, schedule necessary appointments and remind you about your responsibilities as a seller. It will be our pleasure to be with you at closing to congratulate you on the sale of your home!

We’ve moved, what if we have more questions after closing?

Call us!  Our relationship with you does not end at settlement.  We are happy to help!