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Want to Sell in 2020? The time to Start is NOW!

If you want to sell your home in 2020, this post is for you. If you are a family that wants to have a move complete before the start of the 2020-21 school year, you really need to read on.

Conventional wisdom says wait until spring to put your house on the market. Not so.

Buyers Are Already Busy in Reston and Beyond

We are already seeing this year that there is a tremendous amount of buyer competition present in the Reston market.  Buyers are not waiting, so why should a seller?!

Sellers who are able to list now can actually end up better off than waiting until spring. They will enter a market where the number of active buyers is greater than the number of homes on the market.

Today’s buyers look at listings all day, every day. They have apps on their phone, get listings texted and emailed to them, and monitor websites with listings.

They don’t care about the time of year. If they find the right home, they will act now.

Winter Is Actually a Good Time Financially

Many people assess their finances and set goals at the end of the year. People take stock of their incomes, find out about work bonuses, and start thinking about whether they want to spend another year renting. Buyers also take a second look at the tax implications of home ownership.

They know what they want to accomplish by the time January rolls around. They will start to look at listings so they can act on their plans.

The Virtues of Winter Selling

There’s no doubt that green grass, blooming flowerbeds, and warm temperatures make houses more inviting. But that also means that there might be more competition, in your neighborhood or even on your street. In spring, the supply-and-demand balance often shifts in the buyer’s favor.

Buyers shopping in January understand that the home won’t show as well as it does in the bright sunshine of the spring and summer months. Many of them don’t care. You can help them by having photos of your home during these times of year will help them envision it in the warmer seasons.

Many buyers have been at it for many months. They are tired of the real estate hunt. They are ready to buy your house!

You Still Control the Timeline

Even if you are not ready to move, you can control and negotiate your closing deadline with a buyer. Incorporate your ideal timeline for your move in the sales contract.

If someone falls in love with the home, they may not mind waiting until April or May to close. Often, buyers are open to allowing the seller to rent back even after closing.

This approach could allow you to sell now and make your move on the ideal timeline for your family. Win!