Will the Open House Really Sell My House?!

In short, probably not!

Open Houses can be a valuable tool in a comprehensive listing strategy, but they’re not a magic bullet. In a seller’s market, they can motivate a buyer to act, so they don’t lose a great house to someone who visits the Open House. Buyers who submit an offer before an Open House tend to write a strong contract that advantages a seller. In a buyer’s market, the urgency created by an Open House is less. Many visitors to an Open House are neighbors, buyers early in their search process or “looky loos.” On occasion, serious buyers will visit during an Open House either in lieu of or in addition to a visit with their Realtor.

While an Open House can be advantageous to a seller, if you’re hesitant to hold one at your house, don’t fret! You’re not likely to disadvantage yourself by skipping this common practice. By the time most buyers are ready to buy, they have an agent and can see your home with that agent.

Good luck selling!